Many years ago I started my favorite hobby. The observation and photography of nature and in particular birds. Which follows me or more correctly, I follow it today, without a moment having tired me or thought about replacing it with someone else.

Years ago I started working professionally in nature photography and guiding as a field guide, leading people with the same love in the field to find and photograph our favorite subjects.

Years ago, I started driving people for the same reason and outside my country, to places I’d never been before in order to find the creatures we had thought to meet. With all this, I’m way past 30 years of fielding. Even if no one wants to, in 30 years he becomes experienced.

Then it came to mind a wonderful thought. To create a company that only deals with it. Who can turn some people’s dreams into reality. And accompany them to unique places on the planet. Start with a smile and come back with a bigger one. Return with many, special images in mind and thousands imprinted on their memory cards!

In order to do all this, of course, the appropriate partners were necessary. But they showed up because we all had dreams in common and orientation.

We promise you that we will try and succeed in making your dream come true, with our experience, with our knowledge, with respect for our planet, its creatures and people.

Welcome to the world of real travel!

Welcome to Wildlife Explorers!

With appreciation,

Christos Vlachos

Αντώνης Στούμπας
Χρήστος Παπαδάς
Χρήστος Βλάχος
Δημήτρης Βαβύλης
Mariangela Moschona

We are a company that can lead people to discover, see and photograph images of the wonders of wildlife, of the creatures with which we live together on our planet, of unique landscapes but also of images related to culture, as well as the customs and customs of different peoples and places.

Our team consists of experienced professional photographers and field guides, passionate about travel, nature and photography. The aim of the team is to guide other photographers, explorers and nature lovers to many different and special destinations, to meet, live and capture images and moments, offering them their knowledge, experience and love of travel, nature and photography; always with respect and morals towards the environment and people.

We all love to share our passion for travel, search, adventure and photography, and we appeal to professional or amateur nature photographers, observers and travel enthusiasts. We can guarantee unforgettable travel and ensure that you fill your memory cards, eyes and memories with unique images from each of our excursions.

Our team is ready to lead you to your dream. Which is ours too!