A “birder” reflects during the coronavirus pandemic

Contact with nature has always been a need for me. As I am going through my eighth decade, I have concluded that this need drove me to sports and hobbies like snow skiing, tennis, fly fishing for salmon and trout, off shore sailing, wind surfing, free camping.

These days, confined a bit due to the pandemic, in order to entertain myself I began to reflect and search in my (relatively small) photographic archive, to find “images” that I created during past outings and excursions. I have, always, wanted to be “seriously” involved with photography, but this happened from 2015 onwards. In March 2016 I met Chris Vlahos, who, in my opinion, is the best Greek guide for wildlife photography. And that acquaintance is the major milestone in my evolution into a birder.

I have participated in some of the photography trips/excursions organized by Chris. And I can, without reservations, say that these trips have given me my best experiences and memories related to wildlife photography. Especially, two trips are unforgettable, both in January in different years. Lake Kerkini and Evros delta. These two destinations offer everything a wildlife photographer would like to find in a place. Mainly, unique scenery and lots of bird and animal species. Let me note that Chris carries an accumulated knowledge and experience of more than 35 years. This factor is instrumental in exploiting, to the best degree, the time available for photography during a day.

So, I look at the photographs I took in the past and relive the whole experience of the trip. Of course, for a “complete” photographic experience you need a couple of more things like a decent place to sleep and good food. Chris knows where to find these.