My first trip abroad with the main goal of observing nature and birds was in Hungary (with small “parentheses” in neighboring Slovakia and Northern Serbia) with Wildlife Explorers and Christos Vlachos. And already from the day of my return to Athens, I look forward to the next one! Every detail of the trip was well organized, completely “tailor-made” and based on the special preferences of the participants. And it was not just nature trips and birds. The whole trip, from the flights, the amazing options for accommodation in all the cities we stayed in (credits to Mariangela Moschona!), The food choices, the luxurious jeeps that allowed us to wander in the most magical places, were perfect. Even the balance with the purely “tourist” part of the trip, in the enchanting winter of Budapest and other Central European cities, cultural attractions, and tours, would satisfy the tastes of even the most demanding non-birders. As for nature and birds; The sunrise that painted the icy steppe of Hortobágy golden, the aerial “battles” of the Sea Eagles at a distance of only 6-7 meters from our eyes (and our lenses!) From the comfortable warmth of a perfectly organized hide, the flight of Cranes, the trees in the center of Kikinda “loaded” each with dozens of Dwarf owls, the voices of 5,000 geese in flight, the hovering of Snow White, the vast habitat of Megali Otida, countless moments unique and unforgettable for every nature lover. The company has already been created and we are counting down for the next trip to Iceland!