A unique journey to lake Kerkini perfectly organised by  “Wildlife Explorers”!

As you reach the lake you are warmly welcomed by George Reklos, the owner of the guest house  “Oikoperigiitis” where we spend our stay. The comfortable, spacious rooms, the cozy corners next to the firelit fireplace, the delicious breakfast and the made to order dinner that await you make your stay even more magical!

In the sunrise, the magic of nature begins!

The rising of the sun, the lake with the endless birds.. is a breathtaking scenery!

Every time I visit this paradise, that is the habitat of about 300 species of birds, I lose track of how many shots I take.

The unique boat ride in the lake with the very well trained guides gives you the opportunity to take close shots of the beautiful flamingoes and the pelicans in their natural habitat, while respecting their environment.

The next station is the unforgettable photoshooting in the mounds where we took shots of many interesting species of birds.

At night, the visit to the local restaurant is the best closure after our busy day in the lake, offering a variety of local dishes including locally bred buffalo.

All these would not have been possible without the know-how, talent, inspiration and patience of Chris Vlachos, the founder of “Wildlife Explorers”

Many thanks to the wonderful team for this unforgettable trip!

We will definitely do it again!